My Top 6 Dog Walks🐶

So now Autumn has come, it’s my favourite time to take the dogs out for a long walk!

So I thought I would share my favourite places to take the dogs.

1. The Light House

Located in Marshfield, Cardiff.

The light house is a lovely walk along the coast line, and if you time it right with the tide you can walk along the beach.

It also has a campsite and pub/restaurant which are dog friendly.

2. The Forest Of Dean

Located in Gloucestershire.

This is probably a popular choice and very well known, but I do love the Forest and all the different routes you can take.

It also benefits from a range of outdoor activity opportunities.

3.Roath Park

Located in Roath, Cardiff.

This is a popular choice if you live in Cardiff, but definitely one to take the dogs.

With the lovely view of the lake and in summer being able to go on the paddle boats.

There is also a pretty garden you can walk around.

4. Castle Coch

located in Tongwynlais, Cardiff.

Of course I had to put a castle in the mix as they’re a few to choose from in South Wales.

Castle Coch in English means red castle!

The castle is on the outskirts of Cardiff, and is the ultimate fairytale castle.

With having a beautiful forest scenery surrounding the castle, making it a lovely long walk.

You can choose from a range of different walks, with a map showing you different routes at the start by the Castle.

5. Tredegar House

Located in Duffryn, Newport.

Tredegar benefits from a forestry, lake, gardens, and a long field.

This has to be my dogs favourite place.

Tredegar is a National Trust.

The house also have events going on throughout the year which are not too be missed.

6. The Forest Drive

Located in Cwmcarn forest, Newport.

The Forest Drive benefits with rivers, a lake, and hills.

Walk through the hills of the peaceful forest to find the gorgeous views from the top.

The Forest offers a range of activities and events, with also a cafe at the bottom to help refresh you and your dogs.

Why Autumn is my favourite season 🍂🍁

Now that September has come it’s nearly time for autumn!

I saw my first yellow tree the other day so this can only mean one thing, my favourite season is starting.

The colours

I cannot wait to take my dog on long walks in the forest seeing all the beautiful orange trees!

Literally seeing a colourful pretty tree will make my day.

All the brown and orange tones are my favourite colours, I can’t wait to get my own house to decorate it with pumpkins when Autumn comes.

The clothes

Boots and jumpers! My favourite style. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my brown booties, as soon as September is here they come out.

As much as I love to be stylish, being cosy is key (bring on the fluffy jumpers!).

I love getting away with putting on a big jumper and just wearing my knee high boots and a scarf and it’s doesn’t look too bad!

Cosy season

As soon as Autumn comes around, this means I can get away with wearing blankets around the house!

Just have the image of being wrapped in a big blanket next to the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

And who can forget its the start of Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.


Now I love any excuses to dress up in a costume so Halloween is one of my favourites.

Last year I dressed up as tinker-bell and a nurse zombi. So if anyone has any suggestions for this year that’d be great!

What’s your favourite season and why?

5 Reasons To Visit Blue Stone🌊

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

So I recently visited Blue Stone over bank holiday weekend and the weather actually wasn’t too bad! So thought I would write a post as to why you should go too.

1. Family and couple friendly

Blue Stone is full of cabins and cottages, the cabins are perfect for big families.

If you want to go with just your partner or a friend, then they have really cute colourful cottages in the middle of everything.


Blue Stone is great for kids, they have a big playground for the big kids and also shows and entertainment in the evenings! 

With opportunities of becoming a bluestone ranger and visiting Blue Lagoon Waterpark there are plenty of things to keep the little ones occupied.

We took my little niece Madison who was loving being with all the family (12 person cabin).


Blue Stone is fun for adults too! They have a range of activities to keep you busy, we chose to go kayaking which I found you get a lot for your money as it was so much fun (and there is always one that falls in).

They also have high ropes, sky wires, tree climbing, archery, rock climbing, laser clay shooting, and more!

But if you don’t fancy anything too active, you can also try their spa as they have a range of things going on there.

If I ever go back to Blue Stone I definitely will be trying a lot more activities and going straight to the spa.


Don’t miss the fireworks from Oakwood, which you can see from your cabin!


I love Tenby! It is a great little seaside town where I go mostly every summer.

They have a range of shops, pubs and beaches.

However it was so busy that weekend, so I would avoid going on a bank holiday as it can get very crowded.

It was Madison’s first time at the beach, which she didn’t seemed too bothered by the sea or sand.

5. Seasons

Although I’ve only been in summer, Blue Stone do events for all the different seasons.

I’ve been told a lot of people go at Christmas time as it is very magical for the kids and parents 😉

7 Tips For Dogs With Separation Anxiety 🐶

At university I studied Animal Behaviour & Welfare, and volunteered at a dogs home. I found that a lot of rescue dogs suffer with separation anxiety!

What is it?

Separation anxiety is when a dog shows signs of distress and behaviour problems when separated from their owner.

This can be from a range of behaviour problems such as: barking/howling, pacing, become destructive, escaping behaviour, urinate/defecate in the house, cower or harm themselves. 

This behaviour problem can be very distressing for dogs and owners, so it very important to get help in order to reduce the problem (it may never be cured only reduced).

So with my combination of  research and experience here are my top tips to help dogs with separation anxiety:

1. Exercise

If you know you are going to be away for a few hours that day, tire your dog out on a long walk or play with them.

So when it comes to leaving them they will hopefully be too tired to notice your absence.

2. Leaving Cues

Dogs are clever they know when you are leaving by your routine you do before you leave. Such as putting your shoes on, coat on, picking up your keys, locking the back door etc!

This is when your dog starts to get wound up, as they don’t want you to leave obviously.

But there is a way around this. If you do these leaving routines a few times a day without leaving the house, the dog will no longer connect them to you leaving them.

So go to put your shoes on but just walk around the house and sit back down, once your dog has settled praise them with a pat or treat.

Then when you go to leave the house the dog won’t get as wound up as they won’t realise.

3. Build it up

If your dog isn’t used to you leaving them, building up the amount of time you leave them may help so it’s not a shock.

For example, leave the house for just 5 minutes (Do not stand outside the door, they can smell you!) Just walk around the street or something.

And then build the time up for how long you leave them for 5,10,15,20 minutes etc!

Now heres the hard bit, do not give them attention when you come back in the house (when they are all excited) as this will praise them for being all wound up.

When they have calmed down you can then say hello and give them attention (praising them for being calm). This is probably what I struggle with most as it’s so lovely to see your dog so happy to see you! But remember it’s for their own good!

4. Safe Place

Have a place where your dog can go and feel relaxed (Bed or crate).

Crate training can be very useful with dogs with separation anxiety (start it early), leave some toys, food, and a blanket that has your scent on creating a safe heaven for your dog.

Get the dog used to the crate, and start leaving the room with the dog staying in the crate. If the dog follows you go back to the crate to suggest to go back in, once the dog has calmed down leave the room again and so on..(have to be patient!). 

The aim is for the dog to feel secure and safe enough to stay in the crate without you being in the room.


5. Distractions

Giving your dog something to do for when you leave, can help distract them.

Such as giving them a big bone with treat in the middle of them that take hours to get, or a treat ball!

There has also been research found that Classical music help calms dogs in rescue centres, so maybe leave the radio on for them.

You can get a plug in calmer that gives out a scent that helps calm your dog down, I found it used to really help my lab with fireworks.

6. Obedience training

Obedience training is very important for dogs with behavioural problems, if your unsure take your dog to classes with other people and dogs (get them socialising with others not just yourself).

Just even basic obedience training can help such as sit, lie down, stay , etc.

Teaching your dog to stay whilst you go in another room can also be useful to let them know its ok not to be with you 24/7.

This will help build a stronger relationship with you and your dog, with also giving your dog purpose and trusting you as the leader.

7. Confidence building

Separation Anxiety effects the dogs self confidence in them not wanting to be alone. 

Build their confidence by praising them when they play and show independence, but ignore them when they whine for your attention and bark.

Give your dog attention by being really positive and encouraging towards them, only when they are calm and quiet as a reward. 

This also links in with Obedience training, as learning new tricks can increase their confidence and obedience towards you. 

Also try leaving your dog outside alone for a few seconds and then going out and rewarding them for being calm, this praises the dog for going outside on their own!


So there are my top tips!

It is also to note that you should never leave a dog alone for too long 4hours MAX!

If you do have to leave them for a long period of time, get a friend to pop round for a couple of hours. Or you can take your dog to doggy day care, or hire a dog walker.

If you have any questions or any tips yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Jen x:)

Gatcombe Horse Trials!🐎

If you love Horses and Dogs then Gatcombe is the place for you! 

This Saturday I had the day off work (Hurray!!) to go spend the day at Gatcombe. 

Show Jumping!

This was my first time here but definitely won't be my last! 

Gatcombe is a good day trip as you can get most of it done in one day as it's not too big or crowded(On for the whole weekend!).

At the start of the day we sat down and watched the show jumping! 


If you fancy going to a quite place to sit down, why not go watch some dressage! I found it quite peaceful and quiet watching dressage(also very beautiful to watch).

The Main Event

Cross Country!!

Theres loads of different places to go watch the Cross Country (when it stops raining).

My favourite spot to watch it was by the Land Rover jump on the hill, as you can see most of the other jumps and see them canter off towards the finish line.

Unfortunately when we went to go watch the Cross Country it starting bucketing it down with rain, thunder and lighting so I had to buy a new coat as I found out mine wasn't very waterproof!

But luckily there are loads of clothing stands with SALES on (Bagged myself a warm coat for £10!!).


One of my favourite shows that we watched had to be the action horses (Used for tv&film like GOT!).

The bond they had with their horses were unbelievable, and the stunts they created were amazing!

It crazy how much trust they have on those horses to be able to do stuff like this.

Dogs Dogs Dogs!!

If your dog loves a long walk and can handle lots of rain and thunder, then they will love Gatcombe! so lovely seeing all the dogs there.


Lastly but not least, THE SHETLAND GRAND NATIONAL! What can i say about this?! Apart from how entertaining this is to watch!

It's such a fab idea! Seeing those little ponies getting an attitude racing each other, Absolutely hilarious.

My tips:

  • WEAR WELLIES!! And take umbrella!!
  • Take a picnic! Can be nice when watching the cross country.
  • Buy the brochure, theres so much going on, so don't miss out.
  • Take cash! Most places take card but when buying food and drink you need cash.
  • Move around! There is so much going on everywhere try not to miss out on anything.

Disney Land Paris

Disney Land is most children’s dream to be able to visit, But actually it has been found to be great for all ages and disabilities!

In 2015, Me and my family took my Aunty Carolyn to Disney to celebrate her 60th birthday!


Approach to people with disabilities

My Aunty Carolyn is someone that will most likely turn your head as she walks through the door (because she is mostly deaf and always takes out her hearing aids!).

But no Carolyn has learning difficulties, so taking her all the way to Disney Land was at first quite a scary thought.


The staff

On our first day we were given a free que jump pass and wheel chair, which was very helpful as my aunty struggles to walk long distances.

We found the staff to be very understanding and helpful, especially when eating in their restaurants they would interact with her and be so lovely as she will talk to literally anyone (better social life than me!).

Dine with the Disney characters


The characters

The characters made an extra effort to come and see her through the crowds, especially Pinocchio who stopped during the  parade to go give Carolyn a kiss on the hands!


We went to Disney Land in October, so if you’re looking to go to Disney when it’s not as crowded, I defiantly suggest going for Halloween season.

Also if your favourite season is autumn like me you will love it! Everything is such a lovely orange colour, and decorated with pumpkins everywhere!

Also this season is where the villain parade comes out, Where a certain time in the evening you get to meet all the villains!




The evening firework show was one of my highlights of it all, such an amazing show!

It can get very crowded so get a space early to watch them, but if you are at the back you can still see everything.

Also when the firework show ends the park starts to close, this is when we got some candy floss and cookies, they actually give you a good discount then as they want to get rid it all (Worth a  try!).


So to round it all up, Disney Land was an awesome experience for all of us (no matter the age or disability).

A lot of people go on about how Disney Land is just about making loads of money off parents and how over commercialised it is, But actually I found it to be magical! Especially with how happy it made my Aunty (and myself haha).

Leave a comment with your own experience of Disney Land!

Jen x















Rhino Horn Trade Ban

I visited a game reserve in South Africa last year where I learned about the Rhino poaching problem. This then influenced me to do my dissertation on the rhino horn trade ban.

I basically found that a lot of the public were uneducated on the subject with most people thinking rhino horn is ivory! Which shows how even in the UK there is a need for education of how serious and important this subject is!

So I thought I would add my own opinion and stuff I’ve learnt!

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