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Disney Land Paris

July 30, 2017

Disney Land is most children’s dream to be able to visit, But actually it has been found to be great for all ages and disabilities!

In 2015, Me and my family took my Aunty Carolyn to Disney to celebrate her 60th birthday!


Approach to people with disabilities

My Aunty Carolyn is someone that will most likely turn your head as she walks through the door (because she is mostly deaf and always takes out her hearing aids!).

But no Carolyn has learning difficulties, so taking her all the way to Disney Land was at first quite a scary thought.


The staff

On our first day we were given a free que jump pass and wheel chair, which was very helpful as my aunty struggles to walk long distances.

We found the staff to be very understanding and helpful, especially when eating in their restaurants they would interact with her and be so lovely as she will talk to literally anyone (better social life than me!).

Dine with the Disney characters


The characters

The characters made an extra effort to come and see her through the crowds, especially Pinocchio who stopped during the  parade to go give Carolyn a kiss on the hands!


We went to Disney Land in October, so if you’re looking to go to Disney when it’s not as crowded, I defiantly suggest going for Halloween season.

Also if your favourite season is autumn like me you will love it! Everything is such a lovely orange colour, and decorated with pumpkins everywhere!

Also this season is where the villain parade comes out, Where a certain time in the evening you get to meet all the villains!




The evening firework show was one of my highlights of it all, such an amazing show!

It can get very crowded so get a space early to watch them, but if you are at the back you can still see everything.

Also when the firework show ends the park starts to close, this is when we got some candy floss and cookies, they actually give you a good discount then as they want to get rid it all (Worth a  try!).


So to round it all up, Disney Land was an awesome experience for all of us (no matter the age or disability).

A lot of people go on about how Disney Land is just about making loads of money off parents and how over commercialised it is, But actually I found it to be magical! Especially with how happy it made my Aunty (and myself haha).

Leave a comment with your own experience of Disney Land!

Jen x















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  1. I think that was super awesome of your family taking your Aunt to Disneyland. I have been to Disney World in Orlanda, USA a couple of days. I have always wanted to visit parks around the world.

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