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Top 5 Tips For New Kitten Owners

March 23, 2018

The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic for me, I’ve moved into my new home and have adopted a rescue kitten.

Trying to redecorate the flat whilst trying to stop an over excited kitten biting and clawing anything and everything has been interesting to say the least.

Loki the kitten

Meet Loki, aged around 16 weeks old.

My other half got him for me as a moving in/ valentines present.

Strengths: intelligent, loving, very vocal and adventurous

Weaknesses: likes to attack anything that moves, not the bravest, and is always hungry.

From growing up around cats and learning from our new addition Loki I’ve managed to pick up some tips and tricks to keep them happy and make keeping them as easy and stress free as possible!

1.Only feed them in their bowl

This tip can count with dogs and cats.

My cat is a right fatty and will literally beg for any food you have, even jumping onto my plate for food. Try not to give into begging as hard as it may be as it will only encourage them to beg more.

To combat this you simply need to keep feeding times regular and only feed your cat in one place.

If you only feed them in their bowl they will soon learn the only time they will get food is when its in the bowl, which will then result in them not caring for what you have on your plate.

2. No playing with hands or feet

This seems really cute when there a kitten playing with you, but not so cute when their claws and teeth are a lot sharper.

If your kitten starts biting or clawing at your hands and feet, ignore them and give them a toy to play with instead to encourage play and their natural behaviours but with appropriate toys (not yourself!).

You’ll be grateful further down the line when your kitten isn’t so kitten like anymore!

3. Plenty of stimulation

Kittens can get frustrated if they don’t express their natural hunting behaviours by playing, and can take it out on you or the furniture.

To stop this, make sure you have plenty of scratching posts, climbing frames, balls etc to keep them busy and entertained. This is very important if your kitten is left in the house for a period of time on their own.

Also take at least 10 minutes everyday to spend time interacting and playing with them.

4. Safe hiding spaces

Kittens love having somewhere dark, safe and warm to hide.

You can provide this with cat tunnels or simply use a cardboard box with a few holes cut out.

Kittens also love being up high so I’ve bought Loki a radiator bed which is his favourite place to take a nap.

5. Kitten proof the house

Kittens love getting at loose wires and being in places they shouldn’t.

Make sure there are no loose wires particularly behind the tv for the cat to get at (Loki’s favourite).

My solution to this is blocking off the back of the tv with card or If you can’t hide the wires you can use certain bad tasting liquids which you can dab onto the wires or anything you don’t want them eating in order to keep them safe and your electrics in working order.

So these are my top 5 tips for any new kitten owner. Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!

Jen ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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