Top Tips For Overcoming Excessive Barking In Dogs🐶

August 25, 2018

1. Obedience training

Train them to bark when you want, then train them “quiet”.

This sounds easier said then done but one of the most effective ways of getting your dog to stop barking.

Train them to bark! It’s nice to have that security of a dog telling you when someones at the door incase its someone you don’t know or don’t want there. But a few barks is enough, there is a limit!

When you know they’re going to bark, say speak and if they do it give them a reward. Continue doing this until they speak on cue.

Once your dog has Learnt this trick it’s time to teach the opposite!

Ask your dog to speak 2 times (or how many you think is acceptable) and then command quiet once they have done so reward them. Continue this until they understand the cue (patience is key!)

Try this out on triggers (someone knocking at the door) reward them for 1 or 2 barks then command quiet, reward them when done so.

It’s all about patience and constant training until the dog understands.

It’s also fun for the dog to please you and get rewards for being good, obedience training is a great way to keep your dog happy and to avoid behavioural problems as it’s keeps their mind busy.

If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Or YouTube is a great way to show you how.

2. Exercise

If your dog has not had it’s daily long walk then they’re going to have too much energy that needs to be used and will be bored!

You will start to notice a difference in your dogs behaviour (barking problems) when they’ve had a good long walk, they won’t have the energy to bark all day and they’ll want to sleep or rest (depending on the breed).

3. Trigger avoidance

If your dog always barks when you get post, have an outside postbox so there is no trigger to start the barking.

Your dog may have access to look out the window and bark at any person walking by, removing their access to the window will stop them being able to have something to bark at.

4. Distraction

When you know your dog is going to bark (e.g. someone coming over, post being delivered etc) give them their favourite toy to play with or a treat that will take a while to eat.

This depends what motivates your dog but distracting them through the triggers they may start to ignore what triggers them to bark. Best to include this with obedience training as you are rewarding them as-well for not barking.

Combining all of these tips together (obedience training, exercise, trigger avoidance, and distractions) especially training and exercise is the best way to get results not only to limit the problem but to also enhance your dogs welfare and happiness.

If you have any questions about these tips or need further help, get in touch!

What works for you and your dog?

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